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Game Designer and Programmer

My name is Tung Thanh Cao, but I prefer using my nickname Khas or Khassians. I am a powerful mage who mastered both Game Design skills (at the University of Applied Science Europe) and Programming skills (at The National University Of Science in Viet Nam). Thus, well-equipped with the magical power to tackle game design challenges and turn ideas into reality.

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Professional Work


Game Design and QA Intern

Suzerain is a award winning text-based political game set in the 1950s where the player role-plays as President Rayne. The player has to navigate Sordland's political scene to reach different endings.

Role(s) and Responsibilities:

  • Write supporting contents: newspapers, reports,..

  • Write dialogues content and design narrative structure.

  • Balance game narrative design using exel sheets.

  • Bugfix and game quality improvement.

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Student Projects

The Great Yosha      

Narrative Design, Writer and Programming.

The Great Yosha is a text-based game set in the world dominated by The Kasi's children.

Role(s) and Responsibilities:

  • Design the narrative structure.

  • Write character dialogues.

  • Main Programmer.


Game Design, Writer and Programming.

Plunge into a country amid turmoil as the journalist, Jack. Another war is looming as the vacuum of power left by the old King is contested by new factions and foreign powers.

Role(s) and Responsibilities:

  • Project Management.

  • Design Narrative Structure.

  • Design the core gameplay loop.

  • Write character dialogues.

  • Main Programmer.

Eye of Acca

Programmer/Gameplay Designer

Eye of Acca is a puzzle-solving game where the player utilizes his axe to explore the maze of Acca.

Role(s) and Responsibilities:

  • Design the core gameplay loop.

  • Design some puzzles.

  • Main Programmer.


Programmer and Narrative Designer

Follow Krstoslav in his journey and recover the pieces of his memory. Fight your way through his childhood fears and recollect special moments in Krstoslav's life with his grandmother.

Role(s) and Responsibilities:

  • Combat Design.

  • Design the narrative structure.

  • Write the stories in cutscenes.

  • Main Programmer. 

Seek Your Light

Game Narrative Designer and Programmer

Seek your light is a short story about John and Clara's relationship, a couple being split apart not by external forces but by inner ambitions and dreams.

Role(s) and Responsibilities:

  • Design the narrative structure.

  • Write character dialogues.

  • Main Programmer.

Home: Projects

Gameplay Prototypes

Prototypes that I developed for fun or for university. They are all on my Itch page.


Future Earth

Press 1 2 3 4 to use the item in the inventory.
After choosing the item, hold down the left click to spawn and select a direction.



You are a virus, possess between the enemies before your host dies. If your hose dies, you die.


Coconut or vodka

2 hours game jam using Bitsy.

The guy living next to you drank most of all of your coconut milk and replacing them with vodka. Try to find your coconut milk before leaving for Uni.


Life of Cholas

Control three different characters and switching between them to solve puzzles.



A game I made with my friends during a 24h game jam.
Run around and protect your children.


Balloon Game

Drag the balloon into the right column. Easy pz, mobile phone game.

Home: Projects

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